#BREAKING – Dem Candidate Hiral Tipirneni Blocks Citizen Journalists After Article Exposing Hiral’s Socialist Healthcare Policy

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#BREAKING – Dem Candidate Hiral Tipirneni Blocks Citizen Journalists After Article Exposing Hiral’s Socialist Healthcare Policy

Democrat Candidate for AZ-08 blocked our twitter account (@azinformer) after we published an article detailing Hiral’s plan to intentionally ruin the healthcare system relied upon by tens of millions Americans, and to replace it with a Socialist healthcare system the likes of the UK.

We’ve tweeted our article to Hiral several times seeking an explanation of her policy.  Instead of responding, refuting, or explaining why she hasn’t been open and honest with AZ08 voters about her intentions, Hiral decided to block our Twitter account.  (It’s also important to note that the people who run the account of @azinformer and this website are in fact voters in the district.  We are not only a “new media” site, but also AZ-08 constituents.)


AZ08 Candidate Blocked New Media Site ArizonaInformer’s Twitter account

As we now know, according to the Arizona Media, this is equivalent of a Geneva-level War Crime.  We learned this from covering Brahm Resnik’s no holds barred attack on Conservative Republican Paul Gosar when he blocked people on Facebook.   He wasn’t the only one, the Arizona chapter of the ACLU aslo chimed in to state the Rep cannot block constituents on social media.   It’s important to note that this “the powerful can’t block constituents” narrative wasn’t limited to Rep Gosar.  The media went on to make the a national campaign against Republicans and Conservatives in an attempt to paint them as out of touch, cruel, or not willing to address complaints of their constituents.

We, as voters, and as a media organization, have a right to challenge and petition those in power, and those seeking power, and find this move unacceptable and one step toward fascism.

We, as voters, and as a media site, have a Constitutional recognized Right to challenge our Representatives, and those who seek to replace them, on their policies without fear of retribution or being silenced or marginalized.  These Rights are enshrined in our Constitution for situations like these.

These Rights, now confirmed in a court ruling now dictate that the powerful cannot merely ‘block’ constituents, especially not news media, as both constituents and media are protected in our Constitution.

We request that the Arizona media hold Hiral’s campaign to the same standards as they did Rep Gosar over a year ago.

It’s now up to the AZMedia to prove if they have any decency and honesty anymore, or if they are all in for Leftists who seek to marginalize and silence the free speech Rights of Conservatives and Right of Center media.

We’ll keep you posted.