LIBERTY FIGHTS BACK! Hundreds Attend Pro-Constitution Rally in Paradise Valley

The Arizona chapter of the National Constitution Coalition of Patriot Americans organized a pro-second Amendment rally at Paradise Valley Park as part of the Pro 2nd Amendment rallies held nationwide this weekend.  The rally began at 11 am to a spartan crowd of several dozen which quickly swelled to over 300 in attendance by noon.  Going from early reports from attendees around the country, it appears that thousands of Americans came together this weekend in State Capitols and other public parks to fight back against the unconstitutional gun control measures being debated about in DC, statehouses, and townships across the country.

Despite the fact the date and location of the rally was announced less than a week ago, pro-Liberty activists leveraged social media websites allowing pro-constitution Arizonans to quickly get the word out for the event.  This is likely the reason Leftist controlled sites like Facebook & Twitter seek to mute or outright silence Liberty-loving Americans from using their websites to organize and influence public policy (see Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey).

There were no counter-protesters present but attendees did notice the large police presence on the other side of the park where there were 20+ Phoenix Police SUVs and a Mobile Command Center.  Regarding the local media, the only news organization to cover the event was Fox10’s photojournalist Levi Pettigrew.

While some in the press may label the event as poorly attended and only attended by the most extreme members of society, we saw the contrary. We saw people of various political beliefs, of varying races, and creeds come together to support the Constitution and our God given Rights.

Below are a few photos of the event:

Event flyer posted on the Facebook


The small crowd at the start of the event


A Liberty-loving couple in an embrace at the start of the rally


Crowd begins to grow to a couple hundred in attendance



Crowd grew even more as the event continued


300+ Attend Pro-2A rally on Saturday April 14th


Pfft, Millennials


The only media to be found

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