Arizona Dems Introduce Bills to Ban Legally-Owned Firearms From Law-abiding Citizens

Second Amendment

Early this week, Arizona Democrats introduced a Virginia style tyrannical bill to outlaw lawfully owned firearms of Arizona citizens. According to an alert by grassroots organization, the Arizona Citizens Defense League, language in the Democrat sponsored SB 1625 would ban the possession of the mythical creature known as an ‘Assault Rifle’ as well as magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The language would cripple the firearm manufacturing industry in Arizona as it would prohibit the manufacturing of such firearms in the state of Arizona. Ruger is one of the largest private firearms manufacturers in Arizona and would be greatly impacted by this feel-good, do-nothing legislation.

Concerned citizens are not sitting idly by however. Liberty activists have come together over the past few weeks to contact this legislation and have planned a 2nd Amendment rally on the State Capitol for this Saturday, February 15th.

This will be a family-friendly event and attendees are encouraged to open-carry for this event. Attendees are also instructed to abide by all gun laws and basic rules of gun safety. The event will begin at 10am and will run until about 2pm.

More info can be found here at the Rally website: