Bernie’s Brownshirts Diss Black Voters, Attack Obama for ‘Interfering in Dem Primary’

Crestfallen as a result of a disastrous Super Tuesday, Leftists are now openly blaming Barack Hussein Obama and Black Voters for Sander’s poor performance this week.

Emma Vegeland of The Young Turks alleges that B. Hussein Obama has contacted Mayor Cheat Buttigieg, Francis Beto, and Amy Klobechar to urge them to drop out and rally around establishment favorite “Quid Pro Quo” Joe Biden.

The Young Turk’s ‘Rebel HQ’s’ Emma Vegeland Blames Obama for Sander’s Recent Collapse

Emma delves further into her conspiracy theory 4:00 minutes into the clip below

REBEL HQ Live from Vermont, Super Tuesday 2020

Leftists have begun to berate Black Voters on social media and blame them as the cause of their pain as they believed the Primary race was over after 3 Primaries.

The attacks were not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube comment however, but included comments made by high profile leftists such as failed candidate and NY Mayor Bill De Blasio. America’s worst mayor is now being pilloried for implying Black voters as ignorant and lazy to know better than to vote for the establishment favorite, Joe Biden.

This attack on Black voters is expected to hurt the Socialist Sanders campaign in states such as Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, Louisiana where Democrat Party’s primary electorate includes a large swath of Black Voters. This is just another sign that the Sanders camp is in complete disarray and are now grasping at straws to explain why rank and file Democrats are rejecting him en masse.

As we enter the general election campaign season, the Democrats will have to focus on retaining as much of the support of Black Voters as possible as the support has been slipping since the election and policy achievements of President Trump.

Although not widely reported, President Trump has nearly DOUBLED his support among Black Americans due to the great economy, Criminal Justice Reform, and benefiting from the support of Black Pop Culture figures such as Civil Rights activist and NFL legend Jim Brown and rapper Kanye West. President Trumps support has now skyrocketed to nearly 25% of Black men.

There is plenty of time remaining until the Democrats nominate their candidate but one thing is for certain, the Bernie camp is now seeking to replace support of Black Americans with the support of Latin and Hispanic voters in hopes of winning the nomination.

Just as they did during the Civil Rights struggle, Leftist Democrats are again telling Black Americans to sit quietly in the back of the DNC’s bus. Some things never change. Black Americans honestly deserve better than this.