Meet The Planned Parenthood Stooge Running for Gilbert School Board

Image by © Jonathan Bachman/AP/Corbis

A post in the popular ‘Not In Our Schools’ blog has gotten the attention of parents and tax-payers in Phoenix Metro’s SE Valley. This must read post exposes Planned Parenthood’s tactic of hijacking the vote of a school board member through the guise of supporting SEL and other ‘feel good’ policies that ultimate lead to death and destruction of human souls.

Would you expect anything else from a group of self-professed Lucifarian and Satanic Groomers?


We first met Jill Humpherys many years ago. She had been elected to the Gilbert Public School Board in 2012 for a 2-year term. Not long after, Planned Parenthood began its attempt to get into the Tempe Union High School District. During her 2014 campaign, things had become a bit contentious with Mrs. Humpherys. She was registered as a Republican at the time, but Gilbert residents didn’t feel confident with her. She must have felt a bit of pressure during that campaign, so guess who showed up to help Mrs. Humpherys: Planned Parenthood!

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