Putin’s 2011 “Bitch Slap” of Biden Led to Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Cyber Attacks, Says Biden’s Ex-Stenographer

Putin's 'bitch slap' of Biden led to Russian aggression, says ex- White House stenographer

While many news sites and blogs are reporting about Biden’s deteriorating mental condition, the media missed a major detail to a story that will put America at risk if former VP becomes America’s 46th President. The stems from interviews former White House Stenographer, Mike McCormick, gave to news outlets about his personal experiences working with the Vice President.

Mr. McCormick, who worked as the White House stenographer for 15 years, states that Biden “lost a step and does not have the same mental acuity as he did four years go”. The concern about Biden’s mental sharpness is hardly new news, but hearing it from a former Obama White House insider is concerning.

However, more concerning is an overlooked statement about Biden in McCormick’s recent interviews. McCormick references an embarrassing interaction between Vladimir Putin and Former Vice President Joe Biden in 2011 that led to Russian aggression throughout the Obama-Biden presidency.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon:

During Biden’s first visit with then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in March 2011, McCormick said the former KGB leader “publicly humiliated” the vice president by cutting off his microphone during their press conference—an incident that McCormick said never made it into media coverage of the trip.

But during the public portion of the meeting in Moscow—as Biden launched into a soliloquy about his visits to Russia during the Cold War—his microphone was abruptly cut off mid-sentence, the press lighting was switched off, and Putin’s aides ushered the media out of the room, said McCormick.

“[Putin’s] message was unmistakable: I’m in charge of the room, I’m in charge of my country, and I’m in charge of the reset,” wrote McCormick in his book. “As you might imagine, the vice president’s staffers were furious with the Russians. I was instructed to have the transcript reflect how the vice president had been cut off in mid sentence.”

(The full transcript of the interaction can be found here at the White House archives. Notice the abrupt ending.)

On McCormick’s website, the former stenographer references an interview he gave where he stated:

I wrote an entire chapter on a single 15-minute interaction he had with Vladimir Putin in 2011. I titled it Bitch Slapped in Moscow because the humiliation Putin dealt him echoed through the Obama presidency for years. In my opinion, it led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian support for Syrian dictator Al Assad, plus a host of extremely disruptive Russian cyber attacks and misinformation campaigns. [Emphasis added] You let someone treat you like that, they own you. Putin owned Joe Biden and Barack Obama. No one in the United States ever heard about this until I wrote it in my book.

With the overwhelming majority of Arizona voters receiving their ballots in a few short weeks, it’s important to inform the electorate so they can accurately understand the risks we would face if we allowed an emasculated, mentally weak Joe Biden at the helm. The Democrats and Biden campaign may claim to be ‘tough on Russia’, but the evidence points to Team Biden operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of America’s adversaries, Russia and China.