U.S. Catholic Bishops Take Bold Stance Against ‘Transgender’ Insanity


In a bold statement pushing back against the ‘Transgender’ contagion plaguing society, The United States Catholic Bishops (USCCB) released a Doctrinal Note giving moral and religious guidance refuting ‘Transgender’ Ideology and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex’s lies about ‘Gender Affirmation’ procedures.

In the statement, The USCCB, states clearly that sex change procedures are an affront to God and His design for Men and Women as Created. The USCCB describes how through God’s infinite wisdom, Man and Woman were designed to be different, complimentary to one another, and something that cannot be changed.

The Doctrinal Note, based on Scripture, the Catholic Catechism, and Papal statements (including those of Pope Francis) largely gives guidance to Catholic medical caretakers and facilities prohibiting them for providing genital mutilation and hormone therapies for emotionally and mentally fragile men and women.

(Read the shorter press release here.)

The full Doctrinal Note can be found here where the USCCB goes into detail how ‘Gender Affirmation’ therapies are immoral, contrary to the principles the Catholic Church, and the precepts of authentic Healthcare, and how ‘Gender Affirmation’ leads to more harm to the individual in terms of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. The Catholic Bishops have finally entered the Culture War acknowledging that ‘Gender Affirmation’ leads to physical agony, emotional distress, mental anguish, an increased likelihood of suicides and self harm, and offers the patient nothing more than empty promises.

One recent example of the empty promises offered by ‘Gender Affirmation’ enthusiasts is the recent statement by a young man who goes by the name of ‘Jazz Jennings’ who presents himself as if he is a female. He has gone through four separate irreversible mutilating surgeries, years of a harmful cocktail of hormone drugs and “Jazz” still stating that he doesn’t feel like himself and never has.

I have my personal issues with the USCCB as a practicing Catholic, but must give credit where it is well-deserved.

Thank you Catholic Bishops and May God continue to give you strength to fight for Christ’s Truth,