Kari Lake Puts On Clinic on How to Deal With Arizona’s Democrat Media Complex

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake put on a clinic on Thursday exposing the tactics of the Democrat Media Complex in action.

For those unfamiliar with the termed coined by Andrew Breitbart, ‘The Democrat Media Complex” is a term that sums up how the Democrat Party works hand in hand with the media to shape narratives, and subsequently, influence election results or policy decisions. This is accomplished by the 2 segments working behind closed doors to manufacture support for radical Leftist policies (see BLM) or to harm reputations of Republicans or even private citizens with made up scandals and controversies.

In this instance, the Arizona Media Complex took their marching orders from twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs who claimed that a Lake supporter broke into her campaign office and vandalized and stole items.

The media, being the lackeys that they are, ran with the narrative given to them by the AZDems and quickly posted stories, editorial columns, and tweets stating that this brazen theft was instigated by Kari Lake’s and Republicans in general rhetoric despite having no evidence to prove their claims.

Getchya whiskey and cigar ready and watch Kari do her work by eviscerating the AZ media with laser-like precision in this press conference.

We can only hope that the Lake camp sues the living piss out of every shitty “journalist” and media org that posted intentionally malicious libelous claims about her.

Til next time!