Patriots Needed to Secure Arizona’s Election

While the AZ Democrat Media Complex is focused on doxxing and harassing patriotic Arizonans monitoring drop-boxes for illegal activity such as mule drops, Arizonans can likely better serve the cause of Election Integrity with Look Ahead America’s Ballot Challenge Project.

Matt Braynard’s group is using available data to identifying people who moved out of state and may have voted illegally in another state or illegally voted in another manner. The Democrats can’t steal an election if concerned citizens participate and verify signatures and residence to ensure the voter is a legal voter in the precinct.

Here is Matt Braynard giving an update on the Ballot Challenge effort to date:

Arizonans can get more information and sign up by going to Look Ahead America’s Challenge page, The website has a sign up form as well as some basic information on how to challenge ballots in several states.

This may be a better use of time and resources now that we are less that 2 weeks out from Election Day 2022 than monitoring Drop Boxes.

Til next time!