ROTTEN AS HELL – Signature Possibly Forged on Wayne Co Certification Docs, States Republican Canvasser

On Friday, 11/20/20 Republican Wayne County Canvasser Monica Palmer addressed the media to discussing her decision to vote against certification of the Wayne County votes and threats made against her and her Republican colleague.

In the statement, Monica Palmer went into detail of what occurred during the count process, certification process, and a compromise with Democrats to do a full audit to discover why so many unexplained “out of balance” ballots occurred. One example of “out of balance ballots” given was that 70% of Detroit precincts Absentee ballots did not match the numbers of ballots cast.

She stated that a no vote would only allow them 10 more days to investigate the discrepancies, not that it would disenfranchise Wayne County voters as stated by the press.

At the 3:30 mark, she discussed what happened when she initially voted not to certify, and the circumstances that caused her to change her vote to certify. She stated that an agreement made to audit the votes, which caused her to change her vote to certify, would not be an actual audit to address the out of balance ballots, but a recount of bad votes. That’s when she changed her mind not to certify.

At the 6 minute mark, Monica Palmer made a statement that the final vote documents did not bear her actual signature and that she did not sign the document. She alleges that if her signature is on the documents, then someone used her signature stamp without her approval.

Watch below:

Win or lose, Trump’s legacy may not only be his foreign policy successes nor a stellar economy, but the utter destruction of the corrupt press and exposing massive amounts of fraud embedded in our election system.