Uncover DC’s Tracy Beanz Debunks the Democrat Media Complex’s GA Phone-call Narrative

On Sunday afternoon, the Washington Post released a highly selectively edited portion of a phone-call held between President Trump, and corrupt ass-hat, GA Sec of State Brad Raffensperger. The selectively edited audio and transcription was released to intentionally mislead the American people by claiming President Trump pressured GA Sec of State to toss out legitimate votes that were cast in November’s Presidential Election to put him over the top.

However, analysis of the full transcript clearly presents a different conversation entirely. The president correctly stated that tens of thousands of illegal votes were cast and unlawfully counted due to the Secretary of State’s ineptitude by ignoring signature verification and ignoring allegations of old-school ballot stuffing.

Uncover DC’s Tracy Beanz obtained the full transcript and refuted the media’s bullshit narrative. The YouTube video is roughly 22 minutes in length but is worth the listen and will give you a better understanding of what actually occurred in the conversation as well as what to expect in the coming days: